Make Skype a safer business chat platform

Nowadays Skype trMeetingansforms the way people communicate by giving organizations reach to hundreds of millions of Skype users outside the walls of their business.  For one thing with Skype as a business chat platform to communicate with customers, partners, clients, and for another you can use it to chat with colleagues and co-workers as part of your official workday.

Also it’s well known that Skype servers keep our messages for 30 days, all sent messages are synchronized across all devices where chat partners are signed in to Skype, you can delete/edit messages with the selected contact only during 1 hour. All these are Skype features which define your possibilities as Skype users.

For the purpose of protection your privacy and possibility to correct your mistakes Delete Skype History Network Edition program could be helpful and even indispensable for you.

An opportunity of chatting in Skype with “different” contacts (e. g. customers and co-workers) simultaneously makes us unprotected. Ever have the experience that you sent someone the wrong message or worse yet, you have sent the right message but to the wrong person? For example, got your co-workers in a group chat message about the annual quarterly reports could be explained but what about two bottles of beer on the eve for the customer?

Business colleagues working on a laptop

Let’s remember one of “those” situations. You know… when your favorite project is cancelled after weeks of hard work; when a customer snaps at you unfairly; when your best friend (and co-worker) is laid off suddenly; or your boss assigns you more work when you’re already overloaded. And so under these circumstances you sent layoff letter to your manager or start accusing colleagues for everything in this world.

No matter what the situation is, you’re always free to choose how you change it. All you need – is time. In business even minutes play an important role, however sometimes all you need – it’s more than 1 hour to handle your emotions and send ‘’wright” message. With Delete Skype History Network Edition program you can delete/edit sent messages older than 1 hour. It’s your possibility to save your professional reputation without time limitations.

One of the Skype benefits is group chats. They make it easy to seamlessly keep a conversation going with multiple people at the same time, and allow you to refer back to the conversation for days, weeks, months or even a year ago. However, for example, your team in the organization keeps a regular group chat going with five employees. Two of them quits the company and are deleted from the chat by the owner. However, all chat messages, including potentially confidential info, still staying in their chat histories – now outside your organization with no restrictions on how they can use it.

MeetingWhatever the amount of group chat, with the program you can delete confidential information with selected contacts and keep it actual with the rest of group chat, so you can manage them productively.

Understanding your business capabilities is just as important as understanding “how” something is being done. So we make Skype a safer environment for your business chats.


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