Make Skype a safer business chat platform

Nowadays Skype trMeetingansforms the way people communicate by giving organizations reach to hundreds of millions of Skype users outside the walls of their business.  For one thing with Skype as a business chat platform to communicate with customers, partners, clients, and for another you can use it to chat with colleagues and co-workers as part of your official workday.

Also it’s well known that Skype servers keep our messages for 30 days, all sent messages are synchronized across all devices where chat partners are signed in to Skype, you can delete/edit messages with the selected contact only during 1 hour. All these are Skype features which define your possibilities as Skype users.

For the purpose of protection your privacy and possibility to correct your mistakes Delete Skype History Network Edition program could be helpful and even indispensable for you.

An opportunity of chatting in Skype with “different” contacts (e. g. customers and co-workers) simultaneously makes us unprotected. Ever have the experience that you sent someone the wrong message or worse yet, you have sent the right message but to the wrong person? For example, got your co-workers in a group chat message about the annual quarterly reports could be explained but what about two bottles of beer on the eve for the customer?

Business colleagues working on a laptop

Let’s remember one of “those” situations. You know… when your favorite project is cancelled after weeks of hard work; when a customer snaps at you unfairly; when your best friend (and co-worker) is laid off suddenly; or your boss assigns you more work when you’re already overloaded. And so under these circumstances you sent layoff letter to your manager or start accusing colleagues for everything in this world.

No matter what the situation is, you’re always free to choose how you change it. All you need – is time. In business even minutes play an important role, however sometimes all you need – it’s more than 1 hour to handle your emotions and send ‘’wright” message. With Delete Skype History Network Edition program you can delete/edit sent messages older than 1 hour. It’s your possibility to save your professional reputation without time limitations.

One of the Skype benefits is group chats. They make it easy to seamlessly keep a conversation going with multiple people at the same time, and allow you to refer back to the conversation for days, weeks, months or even a year ago. However, for example, your team in the organization keeps a regular group chat going with five employees. Two of them quits the company and are deleted from the chat by the owner. However, all chat messages, including potentially confidential info, still staying in their chat histories – now outside your organization with no restrictions on how they can use it.

MeetingWhatever the amount of group chat, with the program you can delete confidential information with selected contacts and keep it actual with the rest of group chat, so you can manage them productively.

Understanding your business capabilities is just as important as understanding “how” something is being done. So we make Skype a safer environment for your business chats.


How to use both SE and NE programs together

In the case youboth programs together get Delete Skype History Standard Edition and Delete Skype History Network Edition programs, information prepared below could be useful for you to get the benefits from using both.

Let me remind you that:

With Delete Skype History Network Edition (hereinafter NE) program you deletes only your sent messages (delivered to your contacts) on all your’s and theirs’ devices.

Delete Skype History Standard Edition (hereinafter SE) deletes all messages (sent by you and your contacts) only on you local PC where the program is installed.

So both programs are NOT interchangeable, they are complementary.

In the case you use both, SE and NE program, run NE first. With the program you delete your sent messages from all your and your chat partners’ devices. Afterward with SE you delete all left messages (for now only sent to you messages are left to be deleted ) on Windows PC.

If you run the programs in the opposite way, SE use first, you will delete all messages (sent by you and to you)  on the local PC. And after you try to delete messages with NE, the program won’t find messages to be deleted on the PC, because they are previously deleted with SE. To summarize, run NE at first and afterward SE.

In addition to the above, be aware, you restart (close and open) Skype app on the PC after every usage each of the programs and see changes in your chat history. Correspondingly, you’re sure that your messages are deleted on the PC with NE, make sure that Skype app is online on other your devices (or restart Skype – sign out and then sign in to Skype again).

We hope you find the above information useful and it helps you to take advantages of the usage both programs:)

How to Delete Skype Messages older than 1 hour

It so happensTime in work that you send an instant message while chatting with someone and suddenly realized that the message was not actually meant for him/her.

Depending on your relationship with the person, you can probably just use a simple excuse, which may even be the truth.  It works with your friends, family, in other words, people close to you.

And what about others: partners, clients, colleagues or even boss?  For most of them your sent message – is a delivered evidence of your words. In this case the only way to change the situation is to modify your sent messages.  

It’s well known that Skype offers a feature known as “edit chats” using that you can modify, delete, edit or recall the instant messages that you have already sent to the recipient during a chat conversation.cut-off-time

Anyway, this Skype feature has some limitations. You will be allowed to edit or remove recently sent messages but only those, which are not older than 1 hour.

However, is it always enough only 1 hour to understand that you make embarrassing comment or mistake?

You can’t stop time, but you can Download Delete Skype History Network Edition and get unlimited time possibility to delete Skype messages.

Program deletes even very old instant messages: sent yesterday, weeks and years ago – affecting your and your chat partners’ devices incl. Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux.

Also with Delete Skype History Network Edition you can edit sent by you Skype messages older than 1 hour.

You don’t need to imagine how to turn back the time. Delete Skype History Network Edition program saves your face either for organization or reputation without time limitations.

Hidden smileys and emoticons in Skype:)

Skype has released a new version, where the old hidden Skype emoticons are added to the standard emoticon box, but there are loads of hidden Skype emoticons that you can access… as long as you know what to type in!

So we thought it’s the perfect time to compile a list of fun new hidden Skype emoticons. With the cheat sheet below, you’re all set to wow your friends in Skype chats.

The hidden Skype emotions are used in the same way as the standard. Just add a hidden emotion in your chat by typing or copy/past the codes (shortcuts) and then you will see’em in action.

Additionally, if you’re not running the latest version of Skype you may have to update in order to see all of the emoticons.

Icon Name Shortcuts
Skype Icon Skype (skype) (ss)
Man Icon Man (man)
Woman Woman (woman)
d Drunk (drunk)
Smooking Smoking (smoking)
Gotta run Icon Gotta run (gottarun)
Stop Icon Stop (stop)
Toivo Icon Toivo (toivo)
Mooning Icon Mooning (mooning)
Sheep Icon Sheep (sheep)
Bug Icon Bug (bug)
Poolparty Icon Poolparty (poolparty)
Snail Icon Snail (snail)
Good Luck con Good luck (goodluck)
Island Icon Island (island)
Umbrella Icon Umbrella (umbrella)
Rainbow Icon Rainbow (rainbow)
Can you talk Icon Can you talk (canyoutalk)
Camera Icon Camera (camera)
Plane Icon Plane (plane)
Car Icon Car (car)
Computer Icon Computer (computer)
Games Icon Games (games)
Gift Icon Gift (gift)
Hold on Icon Hold on (holdon)
Lets' meet Icon Let’s meet (letsmeet)
Confidential Icon Confidential (confidential)
What's going wrong Icon What’s going on (whatsgoingon)
Malthe Icon Malthe (malthe)
Tauri Icon Tauri (tauri)
Priidu Icon Priidu (zilmer)
Oliver Icon Oliver (oliver)

Hope you enjoyed it, and if you know of any other hidden emoticons that we’ve missed, please share them with us in the comments below.


The power of connection!

Nowadays Skype transforms the way we communicate with people around us.

connection1Sooner or later we realized the importance of Skype in our life. Since we spend so much time chatting on Skype, it’s nice to know more about its possibilities.

In our blog we’ll reveal the secrets of Skype, debunk myths and share the facts those make your interactions in Skype more comfortable.

Today Skype is more of a private place than a public one: we don’t use it to show off or to follow celebrities, thanks to this ubiquitous technology we stay in touch with far-flung family and friends – and that is a priceless gift for those who cannot afford to visit the people we love.

In a workplace environment, we use Skype as a business chat platform to communicate with customers, partners, clients, and also we can use it to chat with colleagues and co-workers as part of the official workday.

ConnectionSkype has many features for free such as calling other Skype users, instant messaging, screen sharing, and conference calling which are like keys that open communication doors on any distance.

It’s the freedom to live far away from our family and some of our friends because we can see their lovely faces and hear their voices almost any time. Whether it’s showing your parents around your new flat, looking at a friend’s latest hairstyle.

Also Skype can be used in the interviews, especially when companies are recruiting internationally, or when it would be very expensive for the candidate to travel for the interview.

So let’s start our blog about Skype that lets us into the lives and homes of the people we love.