How to use both SE and NE programs together

In the case youboth programs together get Delete Skype History Standard Edition and Delete Skype History Network Edition programs, information prepared below could be useful for you to get the benefits from using both.

Let me remind you that:

With Delete Skype History Network Edition (hereinafter NE) program you deletes only your sent messages (delivered to your contacts) on all your’s and theirs’ devices.

Delete Skype History Standard Edition (hereinafter SE) deletes all messages (sent by you and your contacts) only on you local PC where the program is installed.

So both programs are NOT interchangeable, they are complementary.

In the case you use both, SE and NE program, run NE first. With the program you delete your sent messages from all your and your chat partners’ devices. Afterward with SE you delete all left messages (for now only sent to you messages are left to be deleted ) on Windows PC.

If you run the programs in the opposite way, SE use first, you will delete all messages (sent by you and to you)  on the local PC. And after you try to delete messages with NE, the program won’t find messages to be deleted on the PC, because they are previously deleted with SE. To summarize, run NE at first and afterward SE.

In addition to the above, be aware, you restart (close and open) Skype app on the PC after every usage each of the programs and see changes in your chat history. Correspondingly, you’re sure that your messages are deleted on the PC with NE, make sure that Skype app is online on other your devices (or restart Skype – sign out and then sign in to Skype again).

We hope you find the above information useful and it helps you to take advantages of the usage both programs:)


How to Delete Skype Messages older than 1 hour

It so happensTime in work that you send an instant message while chatting with someone and suddenly realized that the message was not actually meant for him/her.

Depending on your relationship with the person, you can probably just use a simple excuse, which may even be the truth.  It works with your friends, family, in other words, people close to you.

And what about others: partners, clients, colleagues or even boss?  For most of them your sent message – is a delivered evidence of your words. In this case the only way to change the situation is to modify your sent messages.  

It’s well known that Skype offers a feature known as “edit chats” using that you can modify, delete, edit or recall the instant messages that you have already sent to the recipient during a chat conversation.cut-off-time

Anyway, this Skype feature has some limitations. You will be allowed to edit or remove recently sent messages but only those, which are not older than 1 hour.

However, is it always enough only 1 hour to understand that you make embarrassing comment or mistake?

You can’t stop time, but you can Download Delete Skype History Network Edition and get unlimited time possibility to delete Skype messages.

Program deletes even very old instant messages: sent yesterday, weeks and years ago – affecting your and your chat partners’ devices incl. Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux.

Also with Delete Skype History Network Edition you can edit sent by you Skype messages older than 1 hour.

You don’t need to imagine how to turn back the time. Delete Skype History Network Edition program saves your face either for organization or reputation without time limitations.