The power of connection!

Nowadays Skype transforms the way we communicate with people around us.

connection1Sooner or later we realized the importance of Skype in our life. Since we spend so much time chatting on Skype, it’s nice to know more about its possibilities.

In our blog we’ll reveal the secrets of Skype, debunk myths and share the facts those make your interactions in Skype more comfortable.

Today Skype is more of a private place than a public one: we don’t use it to show off or to follow celebrities, thanks to this ubiquitous technology we stay in touch with far-flung family and friends – and that is a priceless gift for those who cannot afford to visit the people we love.

In a workplace environment, we use Skype as a business chat platform to communicate with customers, partners, clients, and also we can use it to chat with colleagues and co-workers as part of the official workday.

ConnectionSkype has many features for free such as calling other Skype users, instant messaging, screen sharing, and conference calling which are like keys that open communication doors on any distance.

It’s the freedom to live far away from our family and some of our friends because we can see their lovely faces and hear their voices almost any time. Whether it’s showing your parents around your new flat, looking at a friend’s latest hairstyle.

Also Skype can be used in the interviews, especially when companies are recruiting internationally, or when it would be very expensive for the candidate to travel for the interview.

So let’s start our blog about Skype that lets us into the lives and homes of the people we love.